Biking in Lake Travis

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Lake Travis, a beautiful part of the Austin metro area, provides some great options for both professional cyclists and recreational riders.  Well-known former road-racing cyclist, Lance Armstrong, lives here in the area and was able to train for his races in the ‘Hill Country’.  He even stated about Austin, after his 6th Tour de France victory, “It’s the best place to be a bike rider.” (Read more in this article by

If you’re not a professional road rider like Lance, you can still enjoy the mountain biking options that the area provides its residents and visitors.  From Reimers Ranch to the Lakeway Trails and up to Pace Bend Park; there are plenty of great trails for recreational weekend riders to enjoy! Biking is so popular in the area that Lake Travis High School even has their own mountain biking team!

There are several great resources for scoping out biking trail in the area including, and

You can also find and join multiple biking groups of various skill levels (a great way to make friends if you’re new to the Lake Travis area!) on websites like and (They even have an Electric Bicycling meetup!)

Whether you’re a seasoned-pro or just starting out, the Lake Travis area provides you a beautiful, fun, and challenging terrain to enjoy all year round!

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