Cho Sushi: Japanese Fusion in Lake Travis

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Cho Sushi is a Lake Travis favorite when it comes to dining Japanese style.  Serving the best quality sushi around, Cho Sushi aims to please with their cuisine.


It’s always nice when something utterly delicious ends up also being good for you. At Cho Sushi, John Cho has perfected that combination by serving the freshest and highest quality sushi in expertly prepared melt-in-your mouth combinations.

“Great sushi is a joy to experience,” John says.  “At Cho, we believe there is nothing better than knowing that every day we contribute to people eating healthier and enjoying themselves in the process.” John’s dedication to quality in every ingredient, including house-made soy sauce, helps explain why both the Lakeway and Steiner Ranch locations continue to thrive.

Cho Sushi is a high energy, family-friendly Japanese fusion restaurant.  But, what makes Cho a great sushi bar is John’s attention to quality.  He works with his team to present an innovative menu that delights his customers and has added health benefits.  “I love that I can help people eat ‘clean’” John says.  “Eating clean is more than something we just talk about at my restaurants. We strive for it in every dish we prepare and once you have tasted the freshest fish prepared ‘clean’, it might be impossible to go back to the other sushi bars.”

John actually has an agent who is based in Hawaii at the local fish markets making daily seafood selections for the restaurant.  Once John selects the seafood he wants, it is packed and sent overnight directly to Cho Sushi. Some other healthy ingredients that Cho includes in its dishes are Nishiki Rice, which far exceeds quality rice standards set by the USDA, and Yamamoto Gold Seaweed, which is considered to be the highest quality seaweed and is a great source of high-grade protein and other vitamins and minerals. In addition, Cho’s in-house prepared wasabi and pickled ginger have great health benefits.

Even if you’d rather skip the sushi, Cho’s menu includes amazingly prepared Kobe Beef and Japanese rib-eye steaks.  They also have a full bar that carries an impressive wine and sake list and a variety of domestic and imported beers.

For more information on Cho Sushi, visit or call one of their locations.

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