Finding a Doctor in Lake Travis

By on 1:10 pm

Moving to a new city is exciting, but it also requires finding the grocery store you like, the schools your kids will attend – and the healthcare practitioners that fit the needs of your family. The following is a list of local and national physician resources, including the American Medical Association – where you can search for general practice physicians by location, specialty, and more.

American Medical Association: Resource for general health information, as well as a search function for local physician resources under the “Patients” tab of the site.

American Academy of Pediatrics: National website for children’s health resources; separate “Parenting Corner” website is comprehensive site for health-related news, questions, and other topics.;

Texas Medical Association: Listing of member physicians across the state, as well as information on general health resources; go to the “Find A Physician” tab to search by specialty or location.

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