Hudson Bend

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Hudson Bend


16 miles northwest of Austin, next to Mansfield Dam, is a scenic unincorporated community called Hudson Bend. The majority of Hudson Bend is a peninsula along the south shore of Lake Travis, entirely surrounded by the main basin of Lake Travis, with the rest of the community extending down RR 620 to Stewart Road.

The area was named after Wiley and Catherine Hudson, one of the first couples to settle in the area back in the 1800s.  Originally a farming community, the area began changing in the 1940s with the construction of the dam. A road was created for vehicles to cross over the dam, which gave easier access to the Hudson Bend area.  Additionally, damming up the river gave birth to Lake Travis, attracting families with the new water recreation activities available to enjoy.

Present-day Hudson Bend is largely residential, with a varied selection of housing options. There are approximately 1,000 homes in a 4 square mile area as well as many marinas, restaurants, and small businesses. With limited zoning restrictions, you might find a lakefront mansion built right next to an old trailer home – and the people of this community like it that way. It’s all a part of the character that Hudson Bend is proud of.

The Hudson Bend Colony Neighborhood Association (HBCNA) with 9 board members and the Travis Landing Property Owners Association (TLPOA) with 10 board members are the caring stewards over this unique and diverse lakeside community.

There is a large retirement population here, and according to the most recent census data, over forty percent of those residing in the area are 45 or older. An additional 20 percent of the population is made up of children under 18.  Children living here attend LTISD schools including Lake Travis Elementary School, Hudson Bend Middle School, and Lake Travis High School.

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