Leander ISD

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Leander ISD LogoIn addition to Lake Travis ISD, Leander ISD is another popular option for families wishing to get near the Lake Travis area. Leander ISD boundaries lie between Lake Travis and Round Rock. This is a highly developing area located northeast of Lake Travis. Featuring over 30 schools, 4000 faculty members, and 37,000 students, this district encompasses a vast area. Additionally, Leander ISD ranks 19th out of 937 in Texas for best districts of 2017. For families who wish to experience a commute or the more traditional full urban environment, Leander ISD offers plenty of options. Leander ISD has almost 3 times as many schools as Lake Travis ISD. The success of these campuses has caught the attention, must like Lake Travis ISD, of many education progression leaders. Leander ISD features a strong ethnic diversity among its students and teachers alike. Extracurricular activities rival Lake Travis ISD in success while offering an activity to peak any student’s interest. Leander ISD covers a vast area in Williamson County. The quality of education within this district is truly genuine and of high standards. For public education in the Austin area, any family moving into this region will be hard-pressed to find two better school districts than Lake
Travis and Leander ISD.

LISD has a complete list of the schools in their district here.

You can look at these maps of elementary school boundaries and middle school attendance zone boundaries.

There are also maps to view for 9th-grade boundaries, 10th-grade boundaries, and 11th/12th-grade attendance zone boundaries.


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